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Debugging a C++ application on an Android device with VS2015 on Windows 10

VS2015 has an exciting ability to debug a C++ application on Android Emulator, but in this article I will talk about no less exciting and more time expensive ability to debug a C++ application on a real Android device. The first thing we need to spend the time with is figuring out how to enable USB debugging mode on our Android device. On my ASUS Zenfone I need to go to Settings->About->Software Information and tap on Build Number 7 times, after that I have USB debugging check box in Settings->Developer Options that I should tap as well:

enabling USB debugging mode on Android device USB debugging mode on Android device


How to install Java Plug-in for FireFox browser on Windows

Probably it is a trivial question, but the answer is not always obvious. The main rule is to follow the right link like this: As the result you will get:

JavaPlugin for FireFox

To check if it works or not follow this link:

What browser can work with Joomla 1.5 administrator panel?

Today I updated my FireFox browser and Joomla 1.5x administrator panel stopped working in it. Looks like Joomla 1.5x administrator panel contains some staff that prevents it from working in all modern browsers except Internet Explorer, or at least Internet Explorer is the only browser that displays message “Only secure content is displayed.” and button “Show All Content” enabling some insecure mode. To eliminate the need of pressing this button each time I open new page in administrator panel I went to “Internet Options->Security Tab->Miscellaneous->Display mixed content” and chose “Enable”:

enabling some insecure mode in IE

How to configure IIS to host an FTP site on Windows 7

Go to Control Panel->Programs and Features->Turn Windows features on or off, select FTP Service and IIS Management Console under Internet Information Services and press OK button:

FTP site on Windows 7 - install


Change the size of virtual memory under Widows 7

On my PC with 6GB of RAM under Windows 7 the paging file size is set to 6014 MB by default (its initial size is equal to amount of RAM, as follows from article Change the size of virtual memory on Microsoft’s website):