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I have a small cross-platform C++ library on where I aggregated some reusable components from the projects I worked on. Feel free to clone it and test.

AWL – A Working Library

AWL is a small cross-platform C++ library that includes:

  1. A simple binary serialization framework.
  2. Memory stream, buffered stream, hashing stream.
  3. set that finds an element by both key and index with O(logN) time.
  4. doubly linked list with static insert and erase methods.
  5. An observable with movable observers.
  6. pool of reusable objects managed with std::shared_ptr.
  7. Bitset based on enum.
  8. circular buffer with an interface similar to std::queue.
  9. And other simple classes like CompositeCompare, ReverseCompare, ScopeGuard, etc…
  10. A simple testing framework.

Theoretically, the master branch should compile and work with C++20, at least it is periodically built with MSVC 19.29.30040+ and GCC 11, but not with CLang yet.

There is also cpp17 branch that probably compiles with C++17.

Version compatibility is not guaranteed and there is no warranty of any kind.

Feel free to use it or fork it, report a bug by opening an issue.

Compiling on Windows with CMake and MSVC

git clone
mkdir build\awl
cd build\awl
cmake.exe ..\..\Awl -DCMAKE_GENERATOR_PLATFORM=x64
set CL=/MP
msbuild AwlTest.sln /p:Configuration=Release /p:Platform=x64

Compiling on Linux with CMake and GCC

git clone
mkdir build/awl
cd build/awl
cmake ../../Awl/ -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
make -j2

Running the tests:

AwlTest --filter .*Test

Running the benchmarks:

AwlTest --filter .*Benchmark --output all