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Using GDPR with 3-rd party Advertising SDKs

It is clear enough from Google docs how to show consent form in an Android app with Google Mobile Ads SDK:

First I call requestConsentInfoUpdate and then I call loadAndShowConsentFormIfRequired that shows the consent form if required.

I did not test this code, but as far as I can guess, Google Mobile Ads SDK checks if the user belongs to the region GDPR applies to, shows its own consent form and internally saves a flag indicating if the user agreed (pressed some Allow button in consent form).


Testing my internet connection with Ping Plotter

Connection to with Rostelecom provider:


Terribly slow file upload with Rostelecom internet provider

When I upload a file via SSH to my VPS server with Beeline mobile internet connection, the speed is about 300KB/sec – 800KB/sec:


Checking the speed of my home internet.

I have 50 Mbit internet at home. If I test its speed with I get download speed 56 Mbit/s and upload speed 5.56 Mbit/s that is really good:

and if I download a file with torrent the speed is 6+ MB/s, but if I download a file with HTTP or SFTP the speed can be less than 500 KB/s that is 10 times slower. For example, if I download Ubuntu 18.10 on my VPS the speed is 24 MB/s: