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Investigating how to find the candles on a price chart

The basic idea is to calculate the difference with 10 minutes (600 seconds) moving, for example.



A bit burned out graphics card

GPU on my GTX 1060 3GB burned out a bit:


We’ll never get our Sparks

Below I provided my dialog with Binance support:

what about sparks?
I mean should I expect them?

Can I know is this previous question or something else please ?

no, it is about Spark airdrop
I held XRP on December 2020

Kindly wait please, we will check and get back to you as soon as possible.

Upon checking, this airdrop of Spark tokens has not been sent yet, please follow our official announcements about this airdrop,
once we will distribute it, we will post official announcement here

Is there anything else I can assist you?

is there some planned date when we'll get some Sparks?

For now have to wait for the announcement since we don't have any planned date.

ok, thanks

Built my QT app for Android with API level 30 (Android 11)

New Android App Bundle and target API level requirements in 2021:

Starting August 2021, new apps will be required to target API level 30 (Android 11) and use the Android App Bundle publishing format. Starting November 2021, all app updates will be required to target API level 30 (Android 11). Apps with a download size of more than 150 MB are now supported by Play Asset Delivery and Play Feature Delivery.

I updated the manifest manually as follows:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<manifest package="net.geographx.LinesGame" xmlns:android="" android:versionName="2.5.30" android:versionCode="161" android:installLocation="auto">
    <uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="21" android:targetSdkVersion="30"/>

C++ tasks from Yandex

Task 1

At an interview I was asked how to by a given vector of integers build resulting vector containing the products of all the elements except current. Below I provided my solution in C++:

#include <vector>
#include <iostream>

using V = std::vector<int>;

V func(const V& v)
    V result;

    int product = 1;

    for (size_t pos = 0; pos != v.size(); ++pos)
        result[pos] = product;

        int a = v[pos];
        product *= a;

Bought a terribly annoying video recorder from ZOSI

Its Windows client simply crashes with the following message:

My device model number is ZR08WN HDD:2TB and the device QR code ends with 111A:


I transferred my domains to another registration service provider

My Russian registration service provider has stopped working, but sent me the codes and I was able to transfer my domains to some ResellerClub prvider:


Range-based for loop with universal reference.

It is possible to iterate over std::vector with &&:

#include <vector>

class A {};

int main()
    std::vector<A> vec;
    for (auto&& v : vec)

    return 0;


An annoying question about auto in C++

I was recently asked during a C++ job interview what are the types of riN variables in the code below:

int val = 25;

int foo() { return val; }
int& foo1() { return val; }
//warning: type qualifiers ignored on function return type
/*const*/ int foo2() { return val; }
const int& foo3() { return val; }

int main()
  auto ri = foo(); 
  auto ri1 = foo1();
  auto ri2 = foo2();
  auto ri3 = foo3();

  //cannot bind non-const lvalue reference of type 'int&' to an rvalue of type 'int'
  //auto& ri4 = foo();
  auto& ri5 = foo1();
  //cannot bind non-const lvalue reference of type 'int&' to an rvalue of type 'int'
  //auto& ri6 = foo2();
  auto& ri7 = foo3();

  auto&& ri8 = foo();
  auto&& ri9 = foo1();
  auto&& ri10 = foo2();
  auto&& ri11 = foo3();
  return 0;

auto ignores the type qualifiers and references, so looks like the types are simply int, int& and int&&.

My QT Android app periodically crashes at android::RefBase::incStrong(void const*)

The call stack is:

  #00  pc 00000000000097a8  /system/lib/ (android::RefBase::incStrong(void const*) const+4)
  #00  pc 0000000000022145  /vendor/lib/
  #00  pc 000000000000ab79  /vendor/lib/ (KEGLGetDrawableParameters+252)
  #00  pc 0000000000041c53  /vendor/lib/egl/
  #00  pc 000000000001663d  /vendor/lib/egl/
  #00  pc 0000000000016b01  /vendor/lib/egl/ (glClear+440)
  #00  pc 000000000008acaf  /data/app/net.geographx.LinesGame-9_pUex92-tGEqE4iIbRCCw==/lib/arm/ (LinesGame::Squircle::beforeRendering()+270)
  #00  pc 000000000017d5b9  /data/app/net.geographx.LinesGame-9_pUex92-tGEqE4iIbRCCw==/lib/arm/
  #00  pc 0000000000176f4d  /data/app/net.geographx.LinesGame-9_pUex92-tGEqE4iIbRCCw==/lib/arm/ (QQuickWindowPrivate::renderSceneGraph(QSize const&, QSize const&)+172)

It is a QT bug that is not fixed yet.

Also my app crashes at the destructor of std::thread and this also a QT bug that is not fixed yet.