Configuring RAID on Auros Z390 mainboard

I installed Intel RST driver:

And the following BIOS settings have been changed automatically:

BIOS displayed the following disks:

and I created RAID0:

Started Windows and run Disk Manager:

My RAID was not displayed in BOOT menu because it is not bootable:

I booted my machine with Ubuntu 22.04 Live USB and run GParted:

but it did not display my RAID, also I tried the following commands:

and they also did not display my RAID.

Finally I recreated RAID and installed a fresh copy of Windows on it:

and it started to appear in boot menu:

Now Disk Manager displays the following:

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  1. dmitriano says:
    Boot from a live system, plug in the new HDD via USB (or another (s)ata cable, depending on your hardware), and start a ‘Terminal’.
    Check what is the path for your old HDD (probably /dev/sda), and the new one as well (/dev/sdb), and issue this command:
    sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb status=progress

  2. dmitriano says:

    sudo apt-get install mdadm
    sudo mdadm –assemble –scan

  3. dmitriano says:

    MBR vs. GPT
    It’s a must-have if your drive is more than 2TB and/or if you’re using Windows 11 or Windows 10. GPT is more corruption-resilient and has better partition management, plus it’s the newer and more reliable standard. When should you use MBR, then? Really, only if you want to run old operating systems.

  4. dmitriano says:

    My question: Ubuntu 22.04 Live did not find my RAID0

  5. dmitriano says:

    Windows 11:

    Run Settings > Update & Security > Windows Security > Device Security
    If you do not see a Security processor section on this screen your PC may have a TPM that is disabled. see How to enable TPM for more information or check your PC manufacturer’s support information for instructions. to enable the TPM. If you are able to enable a TPM, complete the next step to verify that it is a TPM 2.0.

    Settings->Miscellaneous->Trusted Computing->Security Device Support: Enable
    Settings->Miscellaneous->Intel Platform Trust Technology: Enable

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