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Building BOOST with MSVC2022

I built BOOST with MSVC2022 in a similar way I built it with MSVC2017 except that I did install, but not stage:

cd C:\dev\repos\boost_1_80_0

set OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=C:/dev/libs/OpenSSL


b2 install --prefix=C:/dev/libs/boost_1_80_0 --toolset=msvc-14.3 link=static runtime-link=static variant=release address-model=64
b2 install --prefix=C:/dev/libs/boost_1_80_0 --toolset=msvc-14.3 link=static runtime-link=static variant=debug address-model=64

I am not sure if OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR takse an effect because boost::asio is header-only (but it depends on system and thread modules).


How to compile BOOST with MS Visual Studio 2010-2017

Fortunately, to compile BOOST with MS VC 2010 we need Visual Studio Command Prompt and five commands:

Navigate to BOOST directory, for example:

cd F:\Projects\Lib\boost_1_53_0