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Sharing Android phone over TCP with ADB

I was able to share my Android phone over TCP with the following commands:

adb kill-server
start cmd /k adb -a -P 5037 nodaemon server start

Building RenderDoc for Android on WSL

I cloned the repository, created build directory, set environment variables and run CMake:

git clone
cd renderdoc/
mkdir build-android
cd build-android
export JAVA_HOME=~/dev/repos/graphicsprofiler/tools/buildtools/jdk
export ANDROID_SDK=~/dev/repos/graphicsprofiler/tools/buildtools/android
export ANDROID_NDK=~/dev/repos/graphicsprofiler/tools/buildtools/android/ndk-bundle/android-ndk-r20b
export PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin
cmake -DBUILD_ANDROID=On -DANDROID_ABI=armeabi-v7a ..

Running GUI apps on WSL

Updating existing WSL installation

I updated WSL according to this MS guide:

wsl --update
wsl --shutdown
wsl --version
WSL version:
Kernel version:
WSLg version: 1.0.51
MSRDC version: 1.2.3770
Direct3D version: 1.608.2-61064218
DXCore version:
Windows version: 10.0.19045.2604

How I installed VNC on Ubuntu 22.04

I followed this guide, opened UDP port on my Windows machine:


Connecting to Ubuntu 22.04 with Remote Desktop

I simply installed:

sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop-minimal -y
sudo apt install xrdp -y
systemctl status xrdp

and was able to connect with Remote Desktop from Windows as root user:


Building QT6.4 for Windows with Vulkan support

Installed Vulkan SDK and built QT6.4.2 for windows with the following script:


"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\2022\Professional\VC\Auxiliary\Build\vcvarsall.bat" amd64


mkdir \dev\build\qt
cd \dev\build\qt
set "CMAKE_ROOT=%MY_DRIVE%\dev\tools\cmake-3.24.2-windows-x86_64\bin"
set "NINJA_ROOT=%MY_DRIVE%\dev\tools\ninja-win"
set "PERL_ROOT=%MY_DRIVE%\dev\tools\Strawberry\perl\bin"
set "PYTHON_ROOT=%MY_DRIVE%\dev\tools\Python35"
set VULKAN_SDK=%MY_DRIVE%/dev/tools/VulkanSDK/

Black screen on starting QT Android app

I noticed this about five years ago and hoped that it had passed away, but a few days ago a user reported the following:


Yandex Mobile Ads actively crashes on Android

There was an ANR in my Android app, but a few days later Yandex Mobile Ads started to actively crash messing up my statistics:


ANR in Yandex Mobile Ads on Android

I got ANR in my Android app on HUAWEI HWJMM (honor 6C Pro) Android 7.0 (SDK 24) with the following stack trace:

  at J.N.M1Y_XVCN (Native method)
  at org.chromium.content.browser.BrowserStartupControllerImpl.b (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:10)
  at org.chromium.content.browser.BrowserStartupControllerImpl.i (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:62)
  at (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:59)
  at org.chromium.base.ThreadUtils.f (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:7)
  at org.chromium.android_webview.AwBrowserProcess.l (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:23)
  at (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:146)
  at (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:172)
  at (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:7)
  at android.webkit.WebViewDatabase.getInstance (
  at (SourceFile:7)
  at (SourceFile:4)
  at (SourceFile:1)
  at$ (SourceFile:3)
  at android.os.Handler.handleCallback (
  at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage (
  at android.os.Looper.loop (
  at (
  at$ (
  at (

How to get a history of running processes

Follow the steps from