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Building OpenSSL 3.0.2 with MSVC 2022

Download OpenSSL sources and extract them with Bash:

tar -xvzf /c/Users/D-Ef/Downloads/openssl-3.0.2.tar.gz

Download NASM, open x64 Native Tools Command Prompt for VS 2022 and run the following commands:

set PATH=%PATH%;E:\PFiles\nasm-2.15.05
where nasm
set PATH=%PATH%;E:\PFiles\Strawberry\perl\bin
where perl
set MY_INSTALL_DIR=E:\libs\OpenSSL
perl Configure VC-WIN64A --prefix="%MY_INSTALL_DIR%" --openssldir="%MY_INSTALL_DIR%"

Bold font in VS2022 C++ code editor

Visual Studio 2022 uses Cascadia Mono font by default:

They probably think that we all are infected by something and need to be vaccinated.


How I fixed “No such file” error in Visual Studio Code on Windows 10

Found an answer on

and updated c:\Users\D-Ef\.vscode\extensions\liximomo.sftp-1.12.9\node_modules\ssh2-streams\lib\sftp.js on my machine:

  // For backwards compat do not emit close on destroy.
  options.emitClose = false;
  options.autoDestroy = false;

Multi-Processor in Visual Studio

It is /MP:


Debugging a C++ application on an Android device with VS2015 on Windows 10

VS2015 has an exciting ability to debug a C++ application on Android Emulator, but in this article I will talk about no less exciting and more time expensive ability to debug a C++ application on a real Android device. The first thing we need to spend the time with is figuring out how to enable USB debugging mode on our Android device. On my ASUS Zenfone I need to go to Settings->About->Software Information and tap on Build Number 7 times, after that I have USB debugging check box in Settings->Developer Options that I should tap as well:

enabling USB debugging mode on Android device USB debugging mode on Android device


How to open a project from Git repository in MS Visual Studio 2013

Below I provided the key steps for opening a project in MS Visual Studio 2013 from a Git repository.

First, go to TOOLS->Options->Source Control and select Microsoft Git Provider:

Microsoft Git Provider


How to install updates to MS Visual Studio 2013

Select from the main menu of VS 2013 Tools->Extensions and Updates and in opened dialog press Update button under Product Updates:

updates to MS Visual Studio 2013

it will start downloading an installation file. When download completes close Visual Studio and run the installation file.

Visual Studio 2012 supports Visual SourceSafe

If you installed Visual Studio 2012 and all its source control related menu items shows only TFS, do not panic, Visual Studio 2012 supports Visual SourceSafe very well! The only thing that you need to do is to select source control plug-in under Tools->Options menu:

Visual Studio 2012 supports Visual SourceSafe

How to setup Eclipse with PHP Developer Tools and FTP support

Using Eclipse as PHP IDE

After working a little with phpDesigner, I felt that, probably, I need more complex PHP IDE. Because I previously worked with Java applications using Eclipse I decided to add PHP support to my existing Eclipse for Java EE (Helios) installation previously downloaded from I navigated to Help->Install New Software in Eclipse, selected “–All Available Sites—“, searched for “php” and got the same plugin in three different categories: