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Synchronization mechanism in DirectX/XAML UWP application

Probably it would be better if I learned Java 15 years ago because Java technologies do not change so rapidly, but I love C++ very much and I spent some time investigating how the application based on DirectX 11 and XAML Visual Studio 2015 template works on relatively new UWP platform.


In opposite to Win32, there are no main thread in UWP applications, because in UWP application each top-level window runs on its own thread. Our application has only one top-level window so it has one UI thread and also it has event handling thread and renderer thread (creating new top-level window will require some adaptive changes in our application).


Combining XAML and DirectX together in a WinRT application

With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a grate technology for combining XAML and DirectX together, letting us to place XAML controls over intensive real-time graphics, see DirectX and XAML interop (Windows Runtime apps using DirectX with C++) for more details.

You can easily download and build sample XAML SwapChainPanel DirectX interop sample demonstrating how it works. All that you need is Visual Studio 2013 with installed license. After the license is installed Visual Studio 2013 shows the following dialog:

Visual Studio 2013 license