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A funny story on how a Russian guy registered on LinkedIn

  • He was unable to pay with his bank cards so he used Bankoff (that stopped working within couple weeks after that) and transferred some USDT to it.
  • He bought USA Skype number, because only US Skype numbers able to receive SMS.
  • Created a USA clone of his London VPS Linux with installed Squid proxy service in a datacenter.
  • Updated A records of his domain with USA Linux IP address.
  • Opened LinkedIn in Ghrome browser using command chrome.exe --proxy-server=
  • Used USA Skype phone number to register on LinkedIn.

Is not this a funny story?

I transferred my domains to another registration service provider

My Russian registration service provider has stopped working, but sent me the codes and I was able to transfer my domains to some ResellerClub prvider:


Setting Google AdMob Seller information

There is a new Seller information option in Google AdMob that may affect the advertising revenue. I set it up in Google AdMob Console on Settings page as follows:

See some link about this.

‘Timestamp for this request is outside of the recvWindow’ error in CCXT

If I use CCXT on my Windows machine I periodically get ‘Timestamp for this request is outside of the recvWindow’ error.

Exchange has the following options by default:


Updating my Google Play app settings.

I switched the advertising on at Store Presence->Pricing & Distribution page: