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Trading on Binance in Russian style

It is important to know that on Binance the buyer is always responsible for fees, seller has to receive full amount.

I created a P2P order to sell 13.05 USDT and buy 250 TRY (so I was the seller), but the buyer sent me only 237.5 TRY explaining that the bank takes 5% fee. I did not believe it and we discussed it in Russian style.

After that I initiated an appeal and Appeals team has informed the buyer to pay the remaining amount, and was given him 3 hours time frame.


PYYPL card does not work in Russia

I was able to top up my PYYPL account with BUSD and make one payment, but all subsequent payments failed. For example, I got the following message:


Mining NEOXA on HiveOS with 3GB cards

The key to the success in mining NEOXA on HiveOS is knowing pool parameters that can be stratum+tcp://, for example:


Handling messages from Binance Websocket streams

User Data Stream

To subscribe I query listen key:

POST /api/v3/userDataStream

connect to websocket wss:// and send the listen key with the following message :

    "id": 1,
    "method": "SUBSCRIBE",
    "params": [
        "<my listen key>"

When Binance accepts the subscription it sends:

    "id": 1,
    "result": null

Testing Binance API with Postman

Clone the repository with Postman Collections and Environments:

git clone

Open the root repository folder:


Ethereum Classic (ETC) stopped mining on GeForce GTX 3GB cards

Today I noticed that ETC does not mine anymore on my HiveOS farm with GeForce GTX 3GB cards:


Binance looses its orders

When I query KAVAUSDT order #561657676 with /api/v3/order?symbol=KAVAUSDT&orderId=561657676&timestamp={{timestamp}}&signature={{signature}} that normally should return

    "symbol": "KAVAUSDT",
    "orderId": 561657676,
    "orderListId": -1,
    "clientOrderId": "ce86e0a9-85a8-4d9b-99b1-b08e227e2464",
    "price": "4.80700000",
    "origQty": "10.00000000",
    "executedQty": "0.00000000",
    "cummulativeQuoteQty": "0.00000000",
    "status": "CANCELED",
    "timeInForce": "GTC",
    "type": "LIMIT",
    "side": "BUY",
    "stopPrice": "0.00000000",
    "icebergQty": "0.00000000",
    "time": 1632183933417,
    "updateTime": 1632184233620,
    "isWorking": true,
    "origQuoteOrderQty": "0.00000000"

I periodically get

    "code": -2013,
    "msg": "Order does not exist."

see a video on YouTube that demonstrates this effect.


How to mine Ethereum on Windows 10 laptop

Determine local IP address by typing ipconfig in Command Prompt:


Periodically get ‘device not responding’ error on my HiveOS rig

Once a 2 or 3 minutes I get the following error in the miner log:

grep -i error /var/log/miner/gminer/gminer.log
Error on GPU6: Device not responding, check overclocking settings

and on the following message on the miner screen:

GPU6: DAG has been damaged, check overclocking settings
Miner terminated, watchdog will restart process after 10 seconds

GPU temperature is about 50-60°C, but looks like the memory chips overheat, because there was NVidia error:


How my trading bot buys the cryptocurrency

I used a simple algorithm a got an interesting effect: the bot often buys at the peaks of the falling price. Below I provided some examples of buying the cryptocurrency on Binance crypto exchange: