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I’ll never use NEOXA wallet anymore

First when I recovered the wallet from the passphrase it displayed me a zero balance, I did a quick google search and fixed this by leaving password field empty, but after that I got “Transaction too large” message while trying to send some NEOXA amount to an exchange:

I was able to send 10 000 NEOXA, but not 20 000. What is the difference?


Trading on Binance in Russian style

It is important to know that on Binance the buyer is always responsible for fees, seller has to receive full amount.

I created a P2P order to sell 13.05 USDT and buy 250 TRY (so I was the seller), but the buyer sent me only 237.5 TRY explaining that the bank takes 5% fee. I did not believe it and we discussed it in Russian style.

After that I initiated an appeal and Appeals team has informed the buyer to pay the remaining amount, and was given him 3 hours time frame.


PYYPL card does not work in Russia

I was able to top up my PYYPL account with BUSD and make one payment, but all subsequent payments failed. For example, I got the following message:


Mining NEOXA on HiveOS with 3GB cards

The key to the success in mining NEOXA on HiveOS is knowing pool parameters that can be stratum+tcp://, for example:


Handling messages from Binance Websocket streams

User Data Stream

To subscribe I query listen key:

POST /api/v3/userDataStream

connect to websocket wss:// and send the listen key with the following message :

    "id": 1,
    "method": "SUBSCRIBE",
    "params": [
        "<my listen key>"

When Binance accepts the subscription it sends:

    "id": 1,
    "result": null

Testing Binance API with Postman

Clone the repository with Postman Collections and Environments:

git clone

Open the root repository folder:


Ethereum Classic (ETC) stopped mining on GeForce GTX 3GB cards

Today I noticed that ETC does not mine anymore on my HiveOS farm with GeForce GTX 3GB cards:


Binance looses its orders

When I query KAVAUSDT order #561657676 with /api/v3/order?symbol=KAVAUSDT&orderId=561657676&timestamp={{timestamp}}&signature={{signature}} that normally should return

    "symbol": "KAVAUSDT",
    "orderId": 561657676,
    "orderListId": -1,
    "clientOrderId": "ce86e0a9-85a8-4d9b-99b1-b08e227e2464",
    "price": "4.80700000",
    "origQty": "10.00000000",
    "executedQty": "0.00000000",
    "cummulativeQuoteQty": "0.00000000",
    "status": "CANCELED",
    "timeInForce": "GTC",
    "type": "LIMIT",
    "side": "BUY",
    "stopPrice": "0.00000000",
    "icebergQty": "0.00000000",
    "time": 1632183933417,
    "updateTime": 1632184233620,
    "isWorking": true,
    "origQuoteOrderQty": "0.00000000"

I periodically get

    "code": -2013,
    "msg": "Order does not exist."

see a video on YouTube that demonstrates this effect.


How to mine Ethereum on Windows 10 laptop

Determine local IP address by typing ipconfig in Command Prompt:


Periodically get ‘device not responding’ error on my HiveOS rig

Once a 2 or 3 minutes I get the following error in the miner log:

grep -i error /var/log/miner/gminer/gminer.log
Error on GPU6: Device not responding, check overclocking settings

and on the following message on the miner screen:

GPU6: DAG has been damaged, check overclocking settings
Miner terminated, watchdog will restart process after 10 seconds

GPU temperature is about 50-60°C, but looks like the memory chips overheat, because there was NVidia error: