How I fixed “No such file” error in Visual Studio Code on Windows 10

Found an answer on

and updated c:\Users\D-Ef\.vscode\extensions\liximomo.sftp-1.12.9\node_modules\ssh2-streams\lib\sftp.js on my machine:

  // For backwards compat do not emit close on destroy.
  options.emitClose = false;
  options.autoDestroy = false;

Also I installed QML extension:

And configured SFTP extension as follows:

    "protocol": "sftp",
    "host": "mac",
    "port": 22,
    "username": "admin",
    "password": "*********",
    "remotePath": "/Users/admin/repos/examples",
    "syncMode": "full",
    "uploadOnSave": true,
    "ignore": [".git", "build-*", ".DS_Store", "*.user"]

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