How RenderDoc works with Vulkan app

Launching a Windows app

I built Vulkan samples for Windows as follows:

set MY_VS_GENERATOR="Visual Studio 17 2022"
cd \dev\build\v
set MY_CMAKE_EXE=%MY_DRIVE%\dev\tools\cmake-3.24.2-windows-x86_64\bin\cmake.exe
%MY_CMAKE_EXE% ..\..\repos\Vulkan -G %MY_VS_GENERATOR% -A x64
rem Open generated vulkanExamples.sln and build.

and launched bloom.exe with RenderDoc:

It also was able to display partially drawn scene as with OpenGL app:

and displayed the vertices:

and multiple Color Passes in Event Browser:

Probably Color Pass is actually Render Path that is a scope for draw calls:

Launching an Android app

Added adb path in VS2022:

and while trying to switch the context I got this:

obviously, it can’t find the squid APK.

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