Terribly slow file upload with Rostelecom internet provider

When I upload a file via SSH to my VPS server with Beeline mobile internet connection, the speed is about 300KB/sec – 800KB/sec:

But when I upload a file to the same server in the same way with Rostelecom internet provider, the speed is about 50 KB/sec:

and the upload periodically interrupts. The same result with uploading via HTTPS (Nginx + PHP).

Also when I connect to the server with a command line SSH client, it lags when I type a text in the command line.

While the download speed is probably acceptable:

Specially for smart guys from Rostelecom support: do not tell me that the upload speed depends on the severs where I upload the files to and do not tell me that I do not understand that the speed is really high and the files upload really fast and all the information I provided is wrong.

Experimentation with the modem

They replaced my old Tomson modem with Arris and now I have 1300KB/sec (about 1Mbit/sec) upload speed.

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