Setting up ASUS PRIME H270-PLUS motherboard for GPU mining

To make ASUS PRIME H270-PLUS motherboard work with 8 video cards the following BIOS options should be set:

  • Advanced\System Agent (SA) Configuration
    • Above 4G decoding [Disabled] -> [Enabled]
    • DMI/OPT Configuration\DMI Max Link Speed [Auto] -> [Gen1]
    • PEG Port Configuration\PCIEX16_1 Link Speed [Auto] -> [Gen1]
  • Advanced\PCH Configuration
    • PCI Express Configuration\PCIe Speed [Auto] -> [Gen1]
  • Advanced\APM Configuration
    • Restore AC Power Loss [Power Off]->[Last State]
  • Advanced\Onboard Devices Configuration
    • HD Audio Controller [Enabled]->[Disabled]
    • M.2_1 Configuration [Auto]->[PCIE]
    • M.2_2 Configuration [Auto]->[PCIE]

probably not all of these settings are strictly necessary, but at least I was able to connect 8 video cards GeoForce GTX 1060 with them:

that gives about 2300 Sol/sec:

Also I found some specification of ASUS PRIME H270-PLUS describing its front panel connectors:

4 Responses to Setting up ASUS PRIME H270-PLUS motherboard for GPU mining

  1. dmitriano says:

    Enabled ‘Above 4G decoding’ and it started to work with 8 cards (only two cards without it).

  2. Andrew Wickenden says:

    Hi after making the adjustments you sujest i cannot get it to rebott.

  3. warrior soul says:

    i have all 8 gpu working.
    do you think i can use the pcie adapter 4 in 1 , to go beyond 8 ?

    1. dmitriano says:

      I did not try that, leave a comment if you succeed.

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