How to configure IIS to host an FTP site on Windows 7

Go to Control Panel->Programs and Features->Turn Windows features on or off, select FTP Service and IIS Management Console under Internet Information Services and press OK button:

FTP site on Windows 7 - install

Go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Internet Information Service (IIS) Manager , right click on Sites and create FTP site with your preferences:

FTP site on Windows 7

Also probably you need to enable some Firewall rules:

FTP site on Windows 7 - firewall

Note that by default FTP will work in ASCII mode, so to enable binary mode you need to type ‘bin’ at the command line in your FTP client. For example, I use the following bash script to upload files to my Windows FTP server:

ftp -inv 2> $ERROR_LOG <<EOF
put $1

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