Black screen on starting QT Android app

I noticed this about five years ago and hoped that it had passed away, but a few days ago a user reported the following:


Trading on Binance in Russian style

It is important to know that on Binance the buyer is always responsible for fees, seller has to receive full amount.

I created a P2P order to sell 13.05 USDT and buy 250 TRY (so I was the seller), but the buyer sent me only 237.5 TRY explaining that the bank takes 5% fee. I did not believe it and we discussed it in Russian style.

After that I initiated an appeal and Appeals team has informed the buyer to pay the remaining amount, and was given him 3 hours time frame.


Yandex Mobile Ads actively crashes on Android

There was an ANR in my Android app, but a few days later Yandex Mobile Ads started to actively crash messing up my statistics:


PYYPL card does not work in Russia

I was able to top up my PYYPL account with BUSD and make one payment, but all subsequent payments failed. For example, I got the following message:


ANR in Yandex Mobile Ads on Android

I got ANR in my Android app on HUAWEI HWJMM (honor 6C Pro) Android 7.0 (SDK 24) with the following stack trace:

  at J.N.M1Y_XVCN (Native method)
  at org.chromium.content.browser.BrowserStartupControllerImpl.b (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:10)
  at org.chromium.content.browser.BrowserStartupControllerImpl.i (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:62)
  at (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:59)
  at org.chromium.base.ThreadUtils.f (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:7)
  at org.chromium.android_webview.AwBrowserProcess.l (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:23)
  at (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:146)
  at (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:172)
  at (chromium-Monochrome.aab-stable-<US_SOCIAL_SECURITY_NUMBER>:7)
  at android.webkit.WebViewDatabase.getInstance (
  at (SourceFile:7)
  at (SourceFile:4)
  at (SourceFile:1)
  at$ (SourceFile:3)
  at android.os.Handler.handleCallback (
  at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage (
  at android.os.Looper.loop (
  at (
  at$ (
  at (

How to get a history of running processes

Follow the steps from


Investigating SDFile in RenderDoc

When we click on a node in Event Viewer: see renderdoc\qrenderdoc\Windows\APIInspector.cpp:

void APIInspector::OnSelectedEventChanged(uint32_t eventId)
  ui->apiEvents->saveExpansion(ui->apiEvents->getInternalExpansion(m_EventID), 0);



  m_EventID = eventId;
  ui->apiEvents->applyExpansion(ui->apiEvents->getInternalExpansion(m_EventID), 0);

Debugging RenderDoc

Visual Studio 2022 was able to display rdcstr:


How RenderDoc works with Vulkan app

Launching a Windows app

I built Vulkan samples for Windows as follows:

set MY_VS_GENERATOR="Visual Studio 17 2022"
cd \dev\build\v
set MY_CMAKE_EXE=%MY_DRIVE%\dev\tools\cmake-3.24.2-windows-x86_64\bin\cmake.exe
%MY_CMAKE_EXE% ..\..\repos\Vulkan -G %MY_VS_GENERATOR% -A x64
rem Open generated vulkanExamples.sln and build.

and launched bloom.exe with RenderDoc:


How RenderDoc works with OpenGL app

I cloned RenderDoc’s repository:

git clone

easily built renderdoc\renderdoc.sln with MSVC2022 on my home machine, opened my Lines Game built on Windows with OpenGL: