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Running Oracle database (v12,18,19) in a docker container on Ubuntu 18.04.

Clone the repository with the official Oracle docker images:

git clone

Install docker, download Oracle Database, put it to the directory docker-images/OracleDatabase/SingleInstance/dockerfiles/18.3.0 containing the Dockerfile and run the following commands to build and run Enterprise Edition:

cd docker-images/OracleDatabase/SingleInstance/dockerfiles/18.3.0
mv ~/Downloads/ .
# Fix a small bug in Dockerfile, see
sed -i 's/V981623-01/LINUX.X64_180000_db_home/g' Dockerfile
sudo docker build -t oracle/database:18.3.0 --build-arg DB_EDITION=EE .
sudo docker run -d -it --rm --name oracle18 oracle/database:18.3.0
sudo docker logs oracle18 --tail 100
sudo docker logs oracle18 | grep -i password

and the following commands to build and run Standard Edition 2 (it does not require

sudo docker build -t oracle/database-se:18.3.0 --build-arg DB_EDITION=SE2 .
sudo docker run -d -it --rm --name oracle18se oracle/database-se:18.3.0
sudo docker logs oracle18se --tail 100

the first string of the docker output contains the generated password for SYS, SYSTEM and PDBADMIN.


Oracle Database Cold Backup and Restore Script

In 2008 when I worked with some Oracle databases under Solaris and AIX, I spent some time to figure out how to make the database backup and restore and decided to use cold backup as the most straightforward method. As far as I remember, to backup the database I shutted down Oracle and then simply archive the database files using “zip” command. To restore the database I used the following shell script that extracts archived files and adjust some Oracle settings: