Trading on Binance in Russian style

It is important to know that on Binance the buyer is always responsible for fees, seller has to receive full amount.

I created a P2P order to sell 13.05 USDT and buy 250 TRY (so I was the seller), but the buyer sent me only 237.5 TRY explaining that the bank takes 5% fee. I did not believe it and we discussed it in Russian style.

After that I initiated an appeal and Appeals team has informed the buyer to pay the remaining amount, and was given him 3 hours time frame.

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  1. dmitriano says:

    Regarding a seller that has only Sberbank account and accepts payments to this account via Fast Payment System associated with his mobile phone number, but lists the following payment methods:

    Post Bank
    BCS Bank

    Hello Dmitry, thanks for waiting, I was checking further with the upper team and it was confirmed to me the seller was reported as is using an unsupported payment method also leading to confusing posting he supports other payment method but the true is that he supports only one that is also not supported.

    So basically best advice do not create order under this advertisement as it has been reported as well keep in mind and take into consideration that Sberbank is not supported payment method on P2P so ads with that payment method listed should not be taken into consideration and instead you can report it to us so we will take further actions

  2. dmitriano says:

    Thank you for the information provided and your expectation.

    We have forwarded all the information to our merchant team – they will review and contact users shortly. Due to the violations committed, ads will be closed and the necessary measures will be taken against users.

    Be sure that our team is regularly working to correct such violations and detect them in time. Unfortunately, such infringing ads can still be seen today – we ask you to refrain from placing transactions with these users. Rest assured that we will try to correct this situation as soon as possible. Hope for your understanding

  3. dmitriano says:

    P2P-торговля на Localbitcoins. Судебная практика-2022. Неосновательное обогащение⁠⁠
    Передав денежные средства взамен биткоина, истец преследовал определенную экономическую цель, заключив фактически сделку но покупке криптовалюты.
    В иске отказано.

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