Yandex Mobile Ads actively crashes on Android

There was an ANR in my Android app, but a few days later Yandex Mobile Ads started to actively crash messing up my statistics:

The crash happened 65 times and affected 35 users on various devices:

Judging by the stack trace, they try to access an element of a JSON array that probably does not exist:

Sample attributes:
HUAWEI HWJMM (honor 6C Pro)
Android 7.0 (SDK 24)
Version: 299 (2.7.64) Occurred: 24 hours ago
Exception java.lang.RuntimeException:
  at (
  at (
  at (
  at$H.handleMessage (
  at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage (
  at android.os.Looper.loop (
  at (
  at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke
  at$ (
  at (
Caused by org.json.JSONException: Value at 4 is null.
  at org.json.JSONArray.get (
  at (SourceFile:18)
  at (SourceFile:16)
  at (SourceFile:19)
  at (SourceFile:16)
  at (SourceFile:15)
  at (SourceFile:19)
  at (SourceFile:16)
  at (SourceFile:4)
  at$b.invoke (SourceFile:22)
  at kotlin.sequences.FlatteningSequence$iterator$1.ensureItemIterator (Sequences.kt:315)
  at kotlin.sequences.FlatteningSequence$iterator$1.hasNext (Sequences.kt:303)
  at kotlin.sequences.TransformingSequence$iterator$1.hasNext (Sequences.kt:214)
  at kotlin.sequences.FilteringSequence$iterator$1.calcNext (Sequences.kt:169)
  at kotlin.sequences.FilteringSequence$iterator$1.hasNext (Sequences.kt:194)
  at kotlin.sequences.SequencesKt___SequencesKt.toCollection (_Sequences.kt:786)
  at kotlin.sequences.SequencesKt___SequencesKt.toSet (_Sequences.kt:827)
  at (SourceFile:8)
  at<init> (SourceFile:7)
  at<init> (SourceFile:1)
  at<init> (SourceFile:6)
  at (SourceFile:4)
  at (SourceFile:13)
  at<init> (SourceFile:19)
  at (SourceFile:20)
  at (SourceFile:16)
  at (SourceFile:12)
  at (
  at (
  at (

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