GeForce GTX 1060 does not trigger the boost state (Solved)

MSI GeForce GTX 1060 3GB graphic card does not trigger its boost state when its GPU is loaded at 99-100% with NiceHash miner. Compare the values in the green rectangles:

GPU сore сlock is only 1544 while the boost value is 1759 and it stays the same even if I change master core clock with MSI Afterburner. And what is even more strange, the memory clock is only 1901.2 while its default value is 2002. When I start an application with relatively complex graphic interface, GPU core clock rises to its correct boost value, but memory clock remains the same:

The temperature is 52-69°C and fan speed is 47-62%, so there are no obstacles for boosting.

I have an impression that my graphic card does not boost while doing compute work (but partially boosts while rendering graphics) as described here:

Taking into account that overclocked GPU works at 2100 the miner looses about 26% of his bitcoins, the formula is 1 – 1544 / 2100 = 0.26.

I tried

nvidia-smi -q -d PERFORMANCE
nvidia-smi -q -d SUPPORTED_CLOCKS

and got the following result:

so I am unable to do something like:

nvidia-smi -ac 3505,1455

because I do not know the maximum supported GPU Clock.

I have Window 10 with NVIDIA driver version 388.13 ( with date 10/27/2017).

A quick Google search gives the following links:

While doing the Google search I found very interesting article comparing NVIDIA and AMD cards efficiency telling that GTX 1060 is one of the best cards for mining.

Finally I switched P2 state off with NVIDIA Profile Inspector that I built from sources:

Now the card switches to P0 when the mining software is started:

Compare memory clock with pictures above:

on these pictures the card is a bit overclocked: GPU +152MHz, Memory +102MHz.

With GPU +197MHz and Memory +244 MHz I have about 300 sol/sec with Zcash on fly pool (I am not sure what is ‘sol’, but I guess that it is probably ‘solution’):


5 Responses to GeForce GTX 1060 does not trigger the boost state (Solved)

  1. Adam Bašić says:


    How. Can I download your nvidia inspector? I also have p0 blocked and I am losing 4Mh per card for eth. I have hynix memory, gtx 1060 6gb..


    1. Dmitriano says:

      Hello, Adam!

      Of cause, I can send it via email.

  2. Niels says:

    wow ive been looking for a solution all day, could you send it to me to?

    1. dmitriano says:

      Hello Niels! Did you find the solution finally?

  3. josh says:

    Hi Niels and nice work.

    I’m trying to mine a little MNX with a 1060 and am having the same issue, both in Windows and Linux… I wouldn’t mind a copy of your compiled nvidia inspector too please.

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