Creating cross platform (Android, iOS, UWP) OpenGLES 2 applications with VS2015

Cross platform (Android, iOS, UWP) OpenGLES 2 application can be easily created in VS2015 using “OpenGLES 2 Application (Android, iOS, Windows Universal)” project template:

“OpenGLES 2 Application (Android, iOS, Windows Universal)” project template

The generated solution has OpenGLESApp.Shared\OpenGLESApp.Shared.vcxitems project of type “Shared Items Project” that includes all the OpenGLES 2 code that is recompiled for each platform as a static library (see three projects above it):

Shared Source

Also the solution has three separate projects for Android, iOS and UWP applications that have references to corresponding static libraries and use platform specific code for creating application main windows and render OpenGL content in it with SimpleRenderer class that comes from the static library:

three separate projects for Android, iOS and UWP applications

For example UWP application does the following in its main loop:

// This method is called after the window becomes active.
void App::Run()
    while (!mWindowClosed)
        if (mWindowVisible)
            EGLint panelWidth = 0;
            EGLint panelHeight = 0;
            eglQuerySurface(mEglDisplay, mEglSurface, EGL_WIDTH, &panelWidth);
            eglQuerySurface(mEglDisplay, mEglSurface, EGL_HEIGHT, &panelHeight);

            // Logic to update the scene could go here
            mCubeRenderer->UpdateWindowSize(panelWidth, panelHeight);

            // The call to eglSwapBuffers might not be successful (e.g. due to Device Lost)
            // If the call fails, then we must reinitialize EGL and the GL resources.
            if (eglSwapBuffers(mEglDisplay, mEglSurface) != GL_TRUE)



Corresponding Android code:

* Just the current frame in the display.
static void engine_draw_frame(struct engine* engine) {
    if (engine->display == NULL) {
        // No display.


    eglSwapBuffers(engine->display, engine->surface);

iOS code:

- (void)glkView:(GLKView *)view drawInRect:(CGRect)rect

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